Not a Nightmare

David Blackwell, Writer

As a child I was very impressed and influenced by the things I watched around the holidays. It made me think about life and how I would feel if I was living in those movies. Especially Disney, I put myself in those movies all the time in my dreams just to get a warm feeling for the seasonal changes. Knowing that one of the movies that influenced me as a kid around Halloween and Christmas time was ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. That movie played a big part in my life because of the story line and how Jack Skellington was influenced by the Christmas holiday so much that he tried to make the town get on the same page with him. This movie showed me that sometimes it’s best to live with what you have and not try and change anything at all. With Jacks ideas he thought he could change the town and who they were to give off a Christmas ‘vibe but they couldn’t because they were monsters who came out specifically around Halloween time. As a kid my wild imagination came to a realization and instead of putting myself in movies I would just compare and contrast my life to the movies holiday norms. With certain movies you have to understand how it’s being viewed and how are the child community is observing the movie. Kids loved Disney movies back around the time this movie was released. They also love movies that are musicals so that they can sing along or ‘bump’ to. Understanding that you get a full picture of the intentions of child movies and the effects they have for a strong child hood for them.  Meaning that as a child you saw things that could either make or break you. So for children who watched movies well Disney movies you could understand the type of individual your around because you have to realize that they have accepted a reality that have allowed them to think fully in their imaginations. For example, when I asked a classmate the question How did the movie the nightmare before Christmas have an effect on your childhood and your future? She replied with” When I was younger I used to think that the movie was about how you shouldn’t be bad and take things that don’t belong to you but now that I’m older I look at the movie as a way to remember that mistakes are always going to be made but it’s always easy to fix them and to make everything better, that mistakes are needed to succeed in life”. So just by the interview with my classmate you can tell how she’s been inspired by the movie and how it affected her life. And knowing that it Inspired her you know that it’s still inspiring millions of kids who watch it around the Christmas time to get a warm jolly feeling to what Christmas should feel like.