What’s Up With These Announcements Anyways

Aniyah Johnson, Writer

Students at Aberdeen always had such inspirationalimportant, and empowering announcements on during the morning. But most of the school wouldn’t know because they don’t pay attention to anything other than their phones, their conversation, or their chick-fil-a and StarbucksSome students do fault for not listening to the announcements, but others who want to listen can’t because their homeroom is too loud, or their teachers don’t turn the announcements up loud enough.  

Many students say “the announcements are boring” or “they don’t talk about anything important so I don’t listen”, but they look over the fact that they would never know if there was something important being said because they do not listen. Many fellow students within the building make it hard for the people who want to know what’s going on around the school community, but they can’t hear the announcements. When clubs, athletes, students, classes, etc. have important information for the student body, they don’t really get the result they want/ need because of the lack of knowledge or attention given to the announcements. 

When asked about the morning announcements fellow student Sincere King states “I don’t watch it, I don’t listen to it, I don’t care about it. They aren’t talking about anything that involves me or interests me so therefore I don’t care to pay attention.” Another fellow student states “I care about the announcements made in the morning because I’m very involved around the school, but its hard to listen and know what’s happening with my other classmates don’t bother to care or stay quiet enough to have the people who want to listen do just that”. 

 It’s disappointing that people around the school who love their activities and the school community can’t get to hear their accomplishments, and what’s on the Aberdeen club scene, Sporting News, and even the rare special announcements that we get from our principle and Assistant Principles, even our Councilors. We can’t be a successful student body unless we change. Changing how we act towards our most important time in the morning, is the most important thing. We need to be more coherent in thinking about the others in the room and those who need to hear the announcements. Some things might never change, change is hard. But at least you can always count on somebody else to tell you what news was on the announcements. And remember Aberdeen, Today is a B1 day. That’s B1, B2, B3, B4. AHS Inspiring Success.