5 Outrageous Rules Parents Have for Their Children

Caitlin Powell, Writer

Have your parents ever set ridiculous rules and expectations for you? Are you annoyed and irritated with these standards?  Here are 5 of the most outrageous rules parents have for their children.

  1. Early Bedtime

Having a bedtime as an elementary schooler is perfectly reasonable. However, when you reach adolescence, a bedtime seems positively absurd, especially if it’s set early. Some teens have a bedtime at nine o’clock on the weekends.

  1. Technology Limitations

Nowadays, many teenager’s own cell phones and are allowed to use them however they want to. Some parents, though, are a bit stricter with their children’s phones. Quite a few concerned parents connect their accounts to their kids’ accounts, monitor everything they purchase or download, read every text they send or receive and even limit the amount of time they are able to use their phones.

  1. Movie/TV Monitoring

Most kids enjoy waking up on Saturday mornings, eating some cereal and sitting down to watch Spongebob Squarepants. Some kids must ask a parent if the television show or movie is okay to watch before actually viewing the media. There are actuallly kids out there who have never watched an episode of Spongebob in their lives.

  1. Music Monitoring

Lots of teenagers express themselves through music. Music is a universal language, something that everyone can relate to. No matter if it’s rap, hip hop, punk rock or classical music, there’s something out there for everyone to enjoy. However, some kids aren’t lucky enough to listen to whatever they please, their music being heavily monitored by their parents with rules like “no songs about drugs or sex” and “no cussing in the music you listen to.”

  1. Curse Words

At first glance, this may seem like a reasonable rule. What respectable parent lets their five-year-old go around dropping the f-bomb? None! However, when kids (especially older children in middle and high school) can’t say words like “stupid” or “shut up” without getting in trouble, perhaps the rule is a bit extreme.


While the parents with these rules set have the best of intentions for their children, all it really does is make the children loathe their parental units. Sometimes it’s better to be a bit more lax around kids. Alas, some mothers and fathers don’t understand that and come up with insane restrictions for their poor kids to follow or else they risk facing the wrath of their guardians.