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Thoughts on Senior Year

How do we count the days as we mature? As a child did we count the days by the sugary bowls of cereal we had each morning. Did we count the weeks by the Saturday morning cartoons? Or did we measure the years by each birthday and Christmas?

Now it’s all seemed as if so much time has passed. 

As we advanced each year to a grade of higher education and closer to adulthood, we forget that once we leave high school we can’t turn around and relive the glory days of our high school years; we can only conceive new ones. As we walk away and look over our shoulders we remember the good, the bad and the crazy memories that will last forever.

So why are we all in such a rush to fly into the rest of our whole lives?  How dare we anticipate the prime of our lives and then want to revert back? 

 “The best years of our lives are not behind us,” said Marina Keegan, a 22 year old Yale student who died shortly after publishing an article, “The Opposite of Lonliness” (you can read it here), similar to this very topic. Keegan taught me to appreciate every ounce of our lives, because as we live it to the fullest at this very moment we could all be robbed of it all tomorrow.

So I’d advise everyone to cease every opportunity of self-betterment and to leave a positive perspective for others,  no matter how difficult things become.

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