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Homecoming Royalty: Keonna Kenion

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Can you believe that homecoming was in the beginning of this month and here we are close to celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday? As we reflect on the great memories of that night, we take a look at who won the coveted roles of Homecoming King and Queen.

I’ve had the honor of interviewing the homecoming royalty, and of course I had to ask the most “in vogue” question, “What did it feel like to win?”

The homecoming queen, Keonna Kenion, said, “I felt so happy to win, but in my book any lady that has a good head on their shoulders is a Queen in my eyes.”

When asked if Keonna expected to be on homecoming court, she answered “No, because I am not so popular like everyone else.” I asked Kenion, “What does being Homecoming Queen mean to you?” Kenion’s response was, “It means that you can be anything if you put your mind to it.”

As for Keonna’s favorite things, some of Keonna’s favorite hobbies are cheerleading and dancing. Her favorite foods are barbeque chicken and chicken alfredo, and her favorite color is green.

Stay tuned for an interview with AHS Homecoming King, Scott Wilson!

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Homecoming Royalty: Keonna Kenion