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#SuperHilarious: Bad Grandpa Review

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Johnny Knoxville is known for his “trickster” ways and outrageous pranks he pulls on his friends in his movies, Jackass. He recently came out with a new movie, Bad Grandpa. I watched it over the long weekend.

Bad Grandpa  is about Johnny Knoxville going around and causing an uproar everywhere he goes. However, what sets this movie apart from Jackass is the fact that Johnny is pranking people, but disguised as an old man.

In the movie Bad Grandpa, the movie actually has a plot. In most of the other movies Johnny Knoxville created, there was no real story line. However, in this movie, there is. That is what made me like the movie so much.

Throughout the movie, the Bad Grandpa is newly single, so he is constantly hitting on women. The plot twist however, is that Bad Grandpa’s daughter just left her son, Billy, with him. This of course creates a problem for Bad Grandpa getting with the ladies.

In this outrageous comedy, a lot of craziness happens. Not wanting to spoil it for you, I just highly suggest you all go see Bad Grandpa.

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#SuperHilarious: Bad Grandpa Review