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Inclement Weather Causes Major Interruptions

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The weather outside is frightful, but the opinions people have on it are not always delightful. Over the past few weeks, Aberdeen and surrounding areas have been repeatedly receiving heavy amounts of ice and snow.

At first, the majority of the Aberdeen community was in favor of the snow, grateful for a short snow-break from school. But 11 missed school days later, and opinions have begun to change.

AHS student, Grace Hageman, says, “I’m just tired of it by now.” Students aren’t the only members of the community that are unsatisfied with the snow. AHS Assistant Principal Albert Johnson currently isn’t a fan of it either.

“I grew up in New Hampshire, so I love the snow,” Mr. Johnson said. “But I don’t love the interruptions it causes.”

The snow was fun and relaxing at first, but the majority of the community is just ready to get back to a routine schedule again.

With another round of snow in the forecast for next week, the possibility of the school year being extended is a real one. Will we be in school in July? Harford County, and the surrounding areas, will have to wait until the end of this harsh winter to find out.

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Inclement Weather Causes Major Interruptions