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Malik’s Mixtape Review: “Welcome to Fazoland”

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The Mixtape Review for this week will be Lil Herb’s new tape, “Welcome to Fazoland.” (Note: The mixtape contains explicit lyrics.)

Lil Herb is a young and upcoming rapper from Chicago, trying to make it and get out of the hood. He comes from a background similar to Chief Keef, and “is a product of 21st century Chicago gang culture… in the neighborhood known as Terror Town,” according to’s David Drake.

“Welcome to Fazoland” is a mixtape that Lil Herb made in honor of one of his “lil homies” who was killed. This mixtape was a long time coming, but now it is finally out and people are going crazy for it.

Song Review (select songs):

1.      “At the Light”-    This song is about how Lil Herb won’t get stopped at the light, meaning nobody will kill him, no matter what.
2.      “Fight or Flight” –  This song is telling how through living in Chicago you adopt the fight or flight mindset.
3.      “Four Minutes of Hell” – This song explains how his life was growing up, and how his life is now.
4.      “On the Corner” – The rapper is basically talking about what life is like on the corner, selling drugs, so he can get the extra money.
5.      “Mama, I’m Sorry” – Lil Herb is talking about growing up and not listening to his mom when she told him not to do something.
6.      “On My Soul” – All about how Lil Herb is putting everything on his soul that everything will go his way.
7.      “Designer” – This title speaks for itself–Lil Herb is talking about designers and nice things.
8.      “Still ****** Up” – This song is about how even though he is getting richer, his life is still getting a little bit worse.
9.      “Luv 2 Stunt” – Herb is talking about how it’s “real” in Chicago, and he is still flashing what he has through the streets.

“Welcome to Fazoland”  was worth the wait, because all the songs on the mixtape make sense (when you think about Lil Herb’s life) and the whole tape, in general, is great.

My Grade: A+, because Lil Herb is in my top ten favorite rappers. He waited this long to put the mixtape out so that would be perfect, and it is.

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Malik’s Mixtape Review: “Welcome to Fazoland”