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Trouble in Paradise: Ray Rice Arrested in Atlantic City

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Saturday, February 15th, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his fiancée Janay Palmer were both arrested for what was described as a “very minor physical altercation.”

It wasn’t long before a simple Google search of Ray Rice’s name brought you to endless news articles detailing the assault, along with a security video that appears to show Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancé out of an elevator in what was an attempt to take her back to their hotel room.

The video has been spreading on the web like wildfire and mass amounts of people are voicing their disgust with Ray Rice all over the comment sections of the internet. Police maintain that the couple attacked each other and that they were both arrested on the same charge; however, the real fallout is stemming from the reports that Rice might have knocked his fiancee unconscious with a punch.

Rice’s representation maintains that the altercation was very minor, and that once all is brought to light in court the public will see that it was all a misunderstanding. Rice’s attorney, Michael Diamondstein, recently commented to the Baltimore Sun that “The video that has been put up by TMZ shows the very end of what transpired between Ray and his fiancée.”

“We’ll assure the public that when this matter is fully tried and completed, you’ll have a better understanding of what happened and we ask the public to reserve making any judgment until all of the facts come out.” Diamondstein continued.

So far, the Baltimore Ravens have said very little on the subject. General Manager Ozzie Newsome and Head coach John Harbaugh did confirm that Rice is part of the Ravens plans for next year.

Coming off the biggest statistical cliff for a halfback in NFL history, many have speculated that this could be Rice’s biggest offseason of his career. He’s even due to shed weight this season due to his ineffective play last year. With the end of Rice’s contract coming up, Rice could end up a June 1st cut in 2015 that could free up three million dollars of cap space for the Ravens. This is all dependent on his performance on the field, since the Ravens have a tradition of standing by their players in times of controversy.

It’s hard to imagine Rice finding his way off the roster if he puts up another 1000 yard season.

As for the NFL, they have been very quiet on the subject. It is important to note that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has the authority to punish players within the league regardless of what the law decides. Rice will undergo a review of his arrest by the NFL that could potentially result in a suspension this season.

It’s also important to note that Rice and his fiancée both refused medical assistance at the time of the incident.

Rice has consistently been known as an anti-bullying awareness advocate, and very active in the Baltimore community. His countless contributions to his community are what make this case so confusing. Rice was always known as the “good guy” and it’s understandable that some fans feel deceived, as if Rice was damasked last Saturday.

Though it’s very possible the whole incident is blown out of proportion, people are sure to continue scrutinizing against Ray Rice for years to come guilty or not. This type of publicity is like super glue, and it’s sure to be a part of Ray Rice’s reputation and the way people view him for years to come, fair or not.


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Trouble in Paradise: Ray Rice Arrested in Atlantic City