Blue and Gold

Controversy Surrounding “American Sniper”

Kellsey Dunn

January 30, 2015

"American Sniper" is a newly released film about the struggles of an American Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle. As he struggles with his time at war and his time away from war, a huge statement is made through the way he conducts...

Terror in the City of Lights

Zackary Cane

January 13, 2015

On January 7, 2015, a mere week into the New Year, a hub of western civilization was attacked barbarically by Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists. Paris, France is still reeling from the attacks that left 12 people dead at a local...

Teen Gets 80K Retweets to Ask Friend’s Mom to Prom

Kellsey Dunn

January 13, 2015

Anthony Pinnisi, a senior from Patriot High School in Virginia, tweeted his goal to take his friend Chloe Albright’s mother to his high school prom. Anthony simply tweeted, “Help a dude out,” says newspaper website DCBeacon,...

True Compassion: Gifts Keep Coming From Deceased Girl to Her Family

Kellsey Dunn, Editor-in-Chief

January 5, 2015

Lily-Mae McKinstry was a ten year old girl who thought of others before herself more often than not, even at the least predictable of times. Lily-Mae was diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year and underwent intense radiotherapy. The...

AHS Teacher Holiday Brunch

Erin Tillery and Mark Holloway

December 22, 2014

On Monday, December 22, the Aberdeen High School Student Government Association hosted a brunch for teachers and staff to show appreciation. The Holiday Feast took place in the media center. Students who take the advanced...

Want to be a member of the Varsity Club? Come to the meeting on 12/17!


December 11, 2014

Do you want to be a part of a fun, service-based group that supports AHS clubs and organizations? Consider joining the Varsity Club! The Varsity Club is an organization made up of students who are active members of the school...

ATTENTION SENIORS! Senior Picture Information


December 11, 2014

Attention seniors: seniors need to submit their senior pictures before winter break for inclusion in the yearbook. If you had your senior picture taken through AHS, you need to select a pose and the company will send Mrs. Ham...

Our Experience at the White House: AHS Students Attend “The Stars and Stripes Forever” Music in the Military Event

Mark Holloway and Erin Tillery

November 16, 2014

From Mark Holloway: On November 6, I got to experience something that many people don’t get the chance to experience. I was able to see First Lady Michelle Obama and walk the floors of the East Wing. I'll never forget thi...

Veteran’s Day Celebrations

Rachel Plitt

November 16, 2014

Last week, on November 11, Veterans Day was observed. There are many veterans out there that work hard fighting for our county, and even if you aren’t one of them, Veteran's Day is a good day to say thanks to a fellow solider. In...

A 3-D Printed Future

Tom Metelski

October 22, 2014

Can you imagine a future where common, even complicated, everyday items are just a mouse click away? No more last minute trips to Target because you ran out of paper plates or solo cups. Just download a file, add filament, and...

Spirit Week Day 1: ‘Merica Monday

Kellsey Dunn and Emily Woodruff

October 22, 2014

Spirit Week at AHS started this week, in anticipation of the big Homecoming game that is happening Friday night. The first day of Spirit Week was "'Merica Monday," in which students displayed their spirit by wearing red, white,...

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s…”GONE GIRL!”

Justin Strittmatter, Guest Writer

October 15, 2014

“Gone Girl,” directed by David Fincher, stars Ben Affleck (The Town, Argo) as Nick Dunne, who comes home to find his coffee table smashed and his wife Amy missing. With his wife’s disappearance having become the focus of...

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