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Blue and Gold

Halloween: For All Ages

Grace Mandel

October 22

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Halloween is right around the corner, and it is widely celebrated by all ages. The difference is how you celebrate it. Halloween this year is on a Saturday, which means late night parties for some and early nights in after...

New at AHS

Isaiah Everett

October 6

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There are many things that happen at AHS that students either don’t hear about or just don’t care about. But, students should care about and hear about everything that happens at their school. The school belongs to us just...

Spring Fever is Here

Rachel Plitt

April 15

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Are you excited about spring? The warmer weather, the flowers, the family fun outside, and cleaning? There’s tons of fun things to do in the spring season, here’s a couple of ideas now to keep yourself busy until the real...

The student news site of Aberdeen High School