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How It Feels To Be “The New Kid”

Kellsey Dunn, Staff Writer

September 22

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It can be the worst feeling to be the “new kid” in school. The one nobody smiles at or high fives in the hallway, or the kid that sits alone at lunch because you haven’t made friends yet. Not to mention how embarrassing...

Fall 2014 Fashion: Trends to Watch

Rachel Plitt, Staff Writer

September 4

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Are you excited to kick off the fall season with a new school year and new clothes? With all of these new fashion trends appearing, will you be a trend follower or a trend setter? Here are a couple of ideas to stay fashionable...

Graduation, Here I Come

Brandon Jones, Editor-in-Chief

May 30

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These four years have flown by so fast. My entire high school experience has been one whole memory I will never forget. In less than a week, my time at Aberdeen High School will officially be over. June 5th is the exact day ...

AHS Student Speaks at Red Cross in Washington, Meets First Lady


May 1

Filed under News, Showcase

Yesterday, AHS junior Chrissandra Jackson had the opportunity of a lifetime when she spoke about her experiences to 200 students at the Red Cross Building in Washington. For more detailed information, read the press release...

AHS Dance Company Wins Championship

Alexis Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

April 29

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They are probably known as one of the most popular teams in school--everyone knows who they are. The Aberdeen Dance Company are Grand Champions of the Ameri-cheer/Ameri-dance International Championship. With all the hard work...

Ravens Score Big Time with Signing of Steve Smith

Zack Cane, Sports Editor

March 28

Filed under News, Showcase, Sports

When Ozzie Newsome said he wanted to add weapons for Joe Flacco and the Ravens this offseason, he meant it. Since then, the Oz has struck several key deals to help the Ravens stay competitive in 2014. Dennis Pitta, Daryl Smith,...

Should High School Start Later?

Zach Brand

March 6

Filed under News, Showcase

Do you feel more refreshed and ready for school when we have one of our many two-hour delays this winter? Do you think 7:30 is too early to be at school in the morning? If so, you aren't alone; many counties in Maryland...

The Eagle Eye: Crisis in Ukraine

Zack Cane, Sports Editor/Op-Ed Writer

March 6

Filed under News, Opinion, Showcase

Over the past several weeks, an upheaval of the government in Ukraine has been underway. The people of the capital city of Kiev were gathered in the streets protesting the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych. After a deadly...

Binge-Watching Netflix: What Are the Best Shows?

Brandon Jones and Brittany DiMauro

March 4

Filed under A&E, News, Showcase

Don’t you just love when you have absolutely nothing to do? Finally you can just relax and watch your favorite show on Netflix! But there’s something special about Netflix. A lot of people don’t only watch one or two...

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