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Blue and Gold


Erin Tillery

February 13

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Do you have what it takes to take a perfect selfie? We already know you do, because everyone does! There are some specific steps you have to take to achieve the best selfie. Let’s start off with where you are going to take...

The Struggle of Getting Denied to College

Erin Tillery

February 13

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I am currently a senior that will be graduating on June 2, which is only four months away. I’ve only applied to two colleges and as of right now I have only heard back from one. That was North Carolina Agricultural Technical...

ASVAB Test Being Given at AHS on January 9


January 5

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Are you interested in military service after high school, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Active Duty, Reserves or ROTC?  Plan to take the ASVAB (the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery), a multiple- choice test tha...

All or Nothing: Aberdeen Lady Eagles Basketball 2014-2015

Rachel Plitt and Allison Cooper

December 18

Filed under Sports, Student Life

In March of 2012, the Aberdeen girls’ basketball team won a back-to-back state championship against River Hill High School. From what we’ve seen and heard so far this season, it’s looking like they got what it takes to...

Want to be a member of the Varsity Club? Come to the meeting on 12/17!


December 11

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Do you want to be a part of a fun, service-based group that supports AHS clubs and organizations? Consider joining the Varsity Club! The Varsity Club is an organization made up of students who are active members of the school...

ATTENTION SENIORS! Senior Picture Information


December 11

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Attention seniors: seniors need to submit their senior pictures before winter break for inclusion in the yearbook. If you had your senior picture taken through AHS, you need to select a pose and the company will send Mrs. Ham...

When it’s Cool, Don’t be Dry!

Kellsey Dunn

December 11

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The winter months have arrived and with it, dry skin is here, including ashy knees and chapped lips. The change in weather, the frigid air and lack of humidity is to blame. Do not fret, moisture is here! The best of the best...

Halloween Fun

Rachel Plitt

November 7

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What did you do on Halloween? Although many of us are far too old to go trick-or-treating, there’s still plenty of things to do to get through this frightening holiday. One of the things you could have done was taken a little...

Erin and Mark: Weekly Videos Coming Soon!

Mark Holloway and Erin Tillery

October 30

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To the student body of AHS: Mark Holloway and Erin Tillery will be doing videos for our newspaper. The videos will be focused on anything and everything Aberdeen. Topics for the videos will be generated by YOU! If you have...

Spirit Week Day 1: ‘Merica Monday

Kellsey Dunn and Emily Woodruff

October 22

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Spirit Week at AHS started this week, in anticipation of the big Homecoming game that is happening Friday night. The first day of Spirit Week was "'Merica Monday," in which students displayed their spirit by wearing red, white,...

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