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Important Senior Announcement


February 27, 2014

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There will be a senior class meeting on March 7 right after homeroom. It's important that all seniors attend, because pertinent info on graduation will be given. Also, the senior class trip has changed to Kings Dominion! The... Read more »

Sadie Hawkins Dance on March 21

Alexis Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

February 20, 2014

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Hasn’t it always been traditional for boys to ask girls to dances? However, when is it appropriate for a girl to ask a boy? Well, the time is now, ladies! Aberdeen High School’s SGA and AHS’s Leo Club are hosting a Sadie... Read more »

Trouble in Paradise: Ray Rice Arrested in Atlantic City

Zack Cane, Sports Editor

February 20, 2014

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Saturday, February 15th, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his fiancée Janay Palmer were both arrested for what was described as a “very minor physical altercation.” It wasn’t long before a simple Google sea... Read more »

Malik’s Mixtape Review: “Welcome to Fazoland”

Malik Amos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

February 20, 2014

Filed under A&E, Opinion

The Mixtape Review for this week will be Lil Herb's new tape, "Welcome to Fazoland." (Note: The mixtape contains explicit lyrics.) Lil Herb is a young and upcoming rapper from Chicago, trying to make it and get out of the h... Read more »

Inclement Weather Causes Major Interruptions

Zachary Brand

February 20, 2014

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The weather outside is frightful, but the opinions people have on it are not always delightful. Over the past few weeks, Aberdeen and surrounding areas have been repeatedly receiving heavy amounts of ice and snow. At first,... Read more »

What Do You Get “Bae” for Your Special Day?

Erin Tillery, Social Media Editor

February 20, 2014

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In my opinion, the time you and your significant other have been together should determine what and what not to get them. Occasions such as anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays, are all holidays that you... Read more »

#SuperHilarious: Bad Grandpa Review

Brandon Jones, Editor-in-Chief

February 20, 2014

Filed under A&E

Johnny Knoxville is known for his “trickster” ways and outrageous pranks he pulls on his friends in his movies, Jackass. He recently came out with a new movie, Bad Grandpa. I watched it over the long weekend. Bad Grandpa  is abo... Read more »

Be Safe, Be Proactive

Sierra Ruedi, Health Beat Reporter

February 4, 2014

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Flu and cold season is still underway, and if you experience either of these illnesses, chances are you're going to have to miss school. The nurses have advice for all students: if you're sick, take care of yourself! If you... Read more »

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