Blue and Gold

2017-2018 Staff

Kayla Vega

Sophomore. Journalism A4. I am Puerto Rican so I am bilingual. I have five brothers and five sisters.

Jamal Tyson

Junior. Journalism A4. I like rap and playing basketball.

Jahda Owens

Sophomore. Journalism A4. I have had every hair color except yellow.

Sean Michalek

Junior. Journalism A3. Sean Michalek is the Owner & Editor of the Gaming Youtube Channel SeanCityNavy Gaming, Owner of the SeanCityNavy Wattpad Account, an aspiring Journalist and a Game Journalist.

Jairus McKinney

Senior. Journalism A4. I play football.

Nakiyah Johnson

Sophomore. Journalism A4. One interesting thing about me is that I have more than ten siblings.

Cameron Hall

Junior. Journalism A4. I love watching movies.

Shakiah Gutrick

Junior. Journalism A4. I am a dancer. I'm in Dance Company at Aberdeen High School.

Mark Grimsley

Sophomore. Journalism A4. I play a lot of instruments.

Destiny Garner

Senior. Journalism A4.

Aaron Fullard

12th grade. Journalism A4. I am a nice, outgoing person.

Jordan Frye

Senior. Journalism A4. I'm from North Carolina.

Nashalee Feliciano

Junior. Journalism A4. I come from a Hispanic background.

Maliya Burriss

Junior. Journalism A4. One interesting fact about me is that I can dance.

Keion Brown

Senior. Journalism A4. I like arrows.

Julian Murray

Senior. Journalism A3. I have a great sense of humor.

Tyler Sisselberger

Junior. Journalism A3. I have five siblings. I want to become a better journalist.

Hunter Keithley

Senior. Journalism A3. I like to hunt and play golf.

Nayimb Joyner

Senior. Journalism A3. I think literature is pretty lit.

Tatiana Gibson

Senior. Journalism A3. I have a fraternal twin.

Jai Gage

Senior. Journalism A3. Cannot be mean. Submits VERY easily. I enjoy writing (some what).

Javon Edmonds

Junior. Journalism A3. I have a podcast.

Zac Cottrell

Senior. Journalism A3. I'm on the varsity wrestling team.

Aviana Brayden

Senior. Journalism A3. I play field hockey for the school.

Jordan Bernard

Junior. Journalism A3. I play softball.

Brittany Wills

I am in 11th grade. My class period for Journalism is A1. One interesting fact about me is that I love hair. Anything hair I love especially curly hair. I chose Journalism because my friend takes it and she said it's fun and that...

Toby Jordan

I am in the 12th grade. Journalism A1. I enjoy watching and playing soccer. I am really good and creative when it comes to photography and photo/video editing.

Zoe Jones

I am a junior in ABHS. Journalism A1. One thing I like to do in my free time is write. Writing is one of my passions and I find myself a very creative persons literary wise.

Za’keya Jones

I am currently a senior at Aberdeen High School. I take Journalism A1. One interesting fact about me is that I play basketball and I am the second oldest out of five children.

Michael Jones

I am in 12th grade. I am in the A1 class period. One interesting fact about me is I am enlisted in the military.

Symone James

Senior Journalism A1 I love learning languages. I want to be able to effectively write an article.

Alexandra Hooper

12th grade/Senior Journalism A1 I write scripts and novels in my free time. I chose Journalism to expand my writing skills and styles.

Leesha Hardy-Henderson

Junior. Journalism A3. Leesha is on the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council. She is also an active member of the Marching Eagles.

I’yonna Graham

I am a sophomore at Aberdeen High School. Journalism A1. I am a dancer and also on the Aberdeen Dance Company team and I love writing poetry.

Briana Gison

I am a senior at Aberdeen High School. I am in Journalism A1. One interesting thing about me is I am the president of S. A. D. D. which stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions.

Jamie Ferguson

I am a junior at Aberdeen High School. I am in Journalism A1. I am a cheerleader for the varsity team at Aberdeen High School.

Alexander Ellis

Junior. Journalism A1. My favorite board game is checkers.

CJ Edwards

Junior. Journalism A1. I make beats.

Kai Davis

Junior. Journalism A1. I play varsity basketball.

Nina Commander

Junior. Journalism A1. I have a pet bunny named Bugs.

Jasmine Boyington

Junior. Journalism A1. I love to learn new languages and believe sign language should be an option in school.

Amber Bodrick

Senior. Journalism A1. I play two instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet). I want to learn how to write articles.

Khalil Benmoha

I'm a sophomore in Journalism A1. I play football, lacrosse, and started wrestling this year.

Samaria Beasley

I am a junior at Aberdeen High School. Journalism A1. I own two pit bulls. One red nose girl and one boy.

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