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Welcome to Aberdeen High School!


Aberdeen High School is a very diverse and intricate school. The teachers and staff take a lot of pride in working here and do the best they can to help each and every student reach their potential. They take time out of their day to make sure their students are being the best they can be and not only better their grades, but themselves as people. One of the teachers believes the purpose is “to educate the minds of tomorrow, today.” The teachers here want their students to feel safe and like they can achieve anything they put time and effort into. Most school’s push college for everyone, but our school understands that college is not right for every student and there are other options to be successful. The students here appreciate that. They believe Aberdeen High School, “provides a safe environment and prepares students for future careers and educational purposes.” And that is exactly what principal O’Brien would want his students to think. The purpose of this school is to promote safety for the students and help them strive and achieve anything they put their minds to; this shines through in each and every student. -Aviana Brayden

Here at Aberdeen high school we serve a purpose, a purpose to learn and to guide. With the intricate programs like SMA and all the wonderful sports and clubs, here at AHS our teachers and guidance counselors are inspiring success, which is helping us achieve all of our academic and fulfill our ambitions. -Kennedy Sutton


What is Aberdeen High Schools message? Every day on the morning announcements they say, “AHS Inspires, Success”. That is believed to be the schools message, but is it really? Many students believe the message is to get a post-secondary education; safe environment for all people; diverse community whose goal is to figure out a pathway after high school. Some think that the message is to stand for positivity, but they don’t come across with it very well. To everyone the message is different , that is what makes Aberdeen High School. -Jordan Bernard

Here at Aberdeen High School, We care about our students. Our Mission is to help them succeed. We offer a variety of courses with plenty of career pathways. “The forefront of our mission is student achievement. Our goal here is to help every student succeed and prepare for a post-secondary life.” Says Mr. Snyder. We want our students to be successful and to move on into either a higher education or a job. We’re here to help you progress into your future! “The skills you acquire here will help you in the future.” Stated assistant Principle Mr. Deleva. -Tyler Sisselberger

History Department

History classes in Aberdeen are great because the school has a lot of great teachers like Mr. Nistico, Mr. Mull, Mrs. Zimmerman and others. They are wonderful teachers and I have had the
privilege to have been taught by 3 of those teachers. And they were actually 3 of my favorite teachers I ever had, but I just wanted to report on what they’re doing to Aberdeen’s students I got a statement from one of these teachers and here is what she had to say, “here at Aberdeen we try to get our students to take passion in our country and we try to teach them what happened in the past so they don’t repeat the bad stuff and follow the good on how history played out in our country.’’ – Mrs. Zimmerman -Hunter Keithley

English Department

The Department of English and Language Arts is a cornerstone of Aberdeen High School and a vital component of every student’s success. The English Department facilitates growth in each student’s ability to think critically, communicate clearly, and write effectively as appropriate to the situation. As remarked by Mrs. Hampton who teaches AP English Language and Composition here at Aberdeen, “Without a solid foundation in reading and writing, it becomes difficult for students to clearly articulate ideas, to discern appropriate/relevant information, and to analyze/synthesize for other subject areas.” No matter where students are or what paths they may take, students will always need the skills garnered in an English course. Ultimately, the skills obtained in English class are crucial for students to flourish in other classes, and not just in school, but as people in general.

Science and Math Academy

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