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Blood Drive: It’s Not That Bad!

Brandon Jones, Editor-in-Chief

December 11

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Yesterday was the second time in my life that I have given blood. My first time donating blood, I was extremely nervous. I wasn’t nervous about the idea of a needle, but I was simply nervous because I wasn’t familiar with...

Standing Up to Bullying

Hannah LaSalvia, Guest Opinion Writer

December 11

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Bullying is one of the most common things that happens at schools all over the world. Whether it's cyber bullying or just bullying others at school, bullying is never good. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, every...

Danity Kane is BACK!

Mark Holloway, Guest A&E Writer

December 3

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"Damaged, damaged, I thought that I should let you know that my heart is damaged and you can blame the one before…" Do you guys remember that memorable chorus from a certain girl group named Danity Kane? Well, I tho...

Richie Incognito: Bully or Victim?

Zack Cane, Sports Editor

November 23

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On October 30, Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin stormed out of the Dolphins’ training facility after what was described to the media as an “emotional breakdown.” By November 4, Martin had hired lawyers...

Erin’s Review: “Anatomy of a Single Girl”

Erin Tillery, Social Media Editor

November 20

Filed under News, Opinion, Student Life

Breaking up with your first boyfriend is always tough—but it’s even tougher when you’re a first-year, pre-med college student away from home!  In “Anatomy of a Single Girl,” Dominique Baylor is a college student...

What the Holidays Mean to Me

Brandon Jones, Editor-in-Chief

November 6

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During this time of year, when the season is changing, leaves are falling, and temperatures begin to drop, a new kind of energy fills the air. Happiness and joy are the two types of emotions that come to mind when I think of the...

What Does it Mean to Be Happy?

Anthony Maszkiewicz, A&E Editor

October 29

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“It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put...

Miley Cyrus – Ratchet or Real?

Brittany DiMauro and Sierra Ruedi

October 16

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Some say that Miley Cyrus became a bad influence on young girls who used to admire her Hannah Montana image.  Did she really influence them negatively or did she just embrace the woman she became without hiding her flaws and...

The Eagle Eye: Obamacare and You

Zack Cane

October 16

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There’s been a lot of talk about “Obamacare” and the effects it will have on the United States, but what really is this bill and what does it mean for you?  Well, in short, Obamacare (Officially titled: The Affordable...

Thoughts on Senior Year

Alexis Tyler, Editor-in-Chief

October 8

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How do we count the days as we mature? As a child did we count the days by the sugary bowls of cereal we had each morning. Did we count the weeks by the Saturday morning cartoons? Or did we measure the years by each birthd...

What Social Media Network is Popping?

Erin Tillery, Social Media Editor

October 7

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Social networks rule our world! No matter what age you are, everyone uses social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even MySpace. In high school, social networks go in and out of style. Popular networks right...

9/11, In My Eyes

Alexis Tyler

September 11

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8:46 is when the first plane hit. At 8:46, as a nation, we cried, shared grief, and wallowed in questions that couldn't be answered. But at 8:46, we realized that as a nation we can never fall. We are too strong and patriotic...

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