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Make Your Room Feel as Good as New!

Do you ever get tired of your room? Does your room always feel like you’re walking into the same room all the time? I have five tips to help you get your life together.

Step 1: Wash your sheets and comforter.., this will not only improve the ‘fluffiness’ of your bed spread but make you feel like you’re snuggling in between a new bed and fresh blankets.

Step 2: Actully make your bed. Making your bed can make your room look dramatically cleaner. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Step 3: Clear/minimize clutter. Just this simple step within itself can make your room feel less confined.

Step 4: Add some plants. By adding a splash of greenery, your room will feel more refreshing.

Step 5: Add/rearrange art work. This will ‘switch things up’ and make you feel like you’re walking into a new bedroom every time.

You can also try these DIYs to minimize the cost/struggle of re-inventing your bedroom:

  1. Homemade Linen Spray– check out


  1. Desk A Mess? Check out


  1. DIY Flowers! Check out
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