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A New SkyZone of Fitness

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Using a trampoline for working out is nothing new. There have been mini-trampolines for the home, and giant ones for the yard, but SkyZone offers a better, more exiting option.

For years people have gotten little trampolines to work out on while having fun at the same time. Lack of space has prevented any long lasting entertainment to be gained though and this has made it easy for people to shove it away and forget about it all together.

“We give you one of the greatest workouts ever combined with awesome, healthy fun. We’ve been voted the number one ‘out of the box’ workout and the ‘best party ever,’” explains the SkyZone website.

Working on cardio, SkyZone offers a working fitness plan. Part of it being that it is simply enjoyable, one of the most important factors in getting motivated to continue a workout.

Bounce around on some trampolines, flip into a pit of foam cubes and struggle to get out. Make some shots while bouncing on a trampoline at the basketball area and see how long you can last at a game of dodgeball. There are a lot of activities for a lot of entertainment.

Yard trampolines are enjoyable, but are not always the best option. Running around two hundred dollars and up, they are not financially affordable to everyone.

SkyZone is inexpensive, starting at eleven dollars for thirty minutes and going to twenty three dollars for one hundred and twenty minutes.  Their most popular plan is fifteen dollars for sixty minutes. They even have set time zones at various times of the week where they have special deals.

No need to be a millionaire!

No need for commitment!

Go once a month, go once a year, go once in your life; it is up to you. Without having to pay for a membership for this workout, you can go just as much or as little as you want.

“If we could work out like this all the time, we’d all be fit,” Briann Long explained after her first trip there, already planning the next one.

Since it opened in Las Vegas in 2004 as Sky Mania, it has grown to include many locations around the US, including ones in Timonium and Newark. They are currently announcing new facilities, including one in Baltimore.

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A New SkyZone of Fitness