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Bettering Your Brows

Grace Mandel

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Angles, arches, and attitude, the three things that make the perfect eyebrows. What’s the best way to wear your brows…. with some confidence.

Whether your eyebrows are thick, thin, or bushy you can find your perfect shape. Eyebrows are an art; they frame your face, convey your emotions, and transform your look. In order to find your perfect shape, you need to know your face shape.

There’s a chart attached to this article for you to find your face shape and some eyebrow solutions to help you.

Now, if your eyebrows aren’t naturally poppin’ then you might want to consider filling them in with makeup to achieve your arches and angles. There’s so many different products on the market for eyebrow shaping and filling, but not all products are meant for everyone. The products that you use depend on your skill level.

If you are just starting out, then I suggest easier products such as eyebrow pencils or an eyebrow gel. Eyebrow powder is good for a light fill in of the brow. Eyebrow gel is great for shaping the hairs and lining them before or after you fill it in with powder, you can even get tinted eyebrow gel which will also fill the brows in.

If you have some experience, then I suggest eyebrow powder, clear or tinted eyebrow gel, or maybe an eyebrow pomade or cream. It’s tricky when you have some experience because you may want to try new products but learning new technique can be hard. Dealing with an eyebrow pomade or cream is a challenge because you want to make sure to not put too much product on the brush.

If you are very experienced with eyebrows, then an eyebrow pomade or cream is perfect for you. Pomades are very nice for defining and shaping brows. They allow you to mimic hair strokes and create an arch if you don’t have one.

I went around and asked some people about their eyebrow shapes, products they use, and advice for those who want to start. Here’s what I heard…

Ciara, sophomore at Aberdeen, said “I use an eyeshadow to fill them in and Maybelline Dream Whipped foundation to clean it up.”

Rachel, junior at Aberdeen, said “I use one of the pencils.”

Mrs. Kincaid, teacher at Aberdeen, said “I only use one and it’s called Brow-mazing, it’s a colored powder.”

Cassie, senior at Aberdeen, said “I use a powder and a brush.”

Ciara said “Get a stencil first, and I don’t use a concealer because sometimes it’s too harsh and hard to blend.”

Rachel said “Don’t mess up.”

Mrs. Kincaid said “I went to Sephora and had them choose my color and they showed me.”

Cassie said “Don’t do them too thick or too small, go with the flow. Also, try to keep it on the natural side.”

Now go out and get those brows fleeky, as the infamous vine says. Remember, keep your angles, arches, and attitude and always have confidence in your brows.

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Bettering Your Brows