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Dress Code Do’s and Dont’s

Erin Tillery

Grace Mandel and Jermira Thomas

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School has started, and it’s back to waking up early, catching the bus, and planning what to wear. But before you leave, check yourself in the mirror and make sure your outfit is ready for school.

Going back to school means having to follow the rules again, and this includes the dress code. The dress code is the thing you just love to hate. It keeps you in check of what you can and cannot wear in school making sure your outfit doesn’t get to crazy/inappropriate.

At times the dress code can be restricting especially to female students on those hot back to school days. At Aberdeen High School, the dress code prohibits female students from wearing clothing items like tube tops, halter tops, mesh tops, spaghetti straps, crop tops, short-shorts, or miniskirts. We went around and asked some people how they felt about the dress code.

Iyana, senior at Aberdeen, said, “It’s stupid, they don’t always enforce it to those who need it.”

We also went around and asked some people what they would change about it, and here’s what we heard.

Nija, senior at Aberdeen, said “The hand finger-tip rule for shorts, it’s hard for tall people. The shorter people get away with it.”

Ravyn, junior at Aberdeen, said “It’s okay, could be better.”

A general rule for the dress code is that all shorts and skirts have to be about as long as your longest finger on your hand while it’s at your side. Another guideline is that tank top straps should be about two fingers wide.

These tips can help you avoid any confrontation and help you have a nice school year. Have you ever gone against the dress code?

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Dress Code Do’s and Dont’s