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For Seniors, College Choices Coming Quick

Shawn Jefferson

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Preparing for college seems very stressful–well, just my personal experience of seeing past seniors struggle with deciding which college to attend makes it seem stressful.

Usually, they have their options open and doesn’t necessarily choose just one when they began their quest for research. All colleges offer different majors, opportunities and other qualities which make the college unique in a sense.

Looking forward to college can also be fun. “I would be happy going off to college, living on campus and getting away from my parents,” says Khalyn.

Most students I’ve interviewed are willing to live on campus, using college dorms as an escape from parents but mostly having the freedom of being an adult. I can’t wait for college, just as much as other students in my school, and looking forward to taking that big step in my adulthood to perfect my career.

Students usually start applying for college before their senior year starts in the summer, and others tend to apply during their senior year in the fall. This gives students more time to find a college more fitting for them, or that meets their financial requirements.

The location of the college and also quality of the college may affect the decisions of students who are in the process of narrowing down their choices to one college after receiving acceptances.

I am looking forward to applying for Bowie State University, Salisbury University and also Potomac State University in the fall.

Some worries I have now, during my senior year, are SAT scores and making sure my grades are as best as they can be. Managing the goals of meeting these school requirements can be stressful, but at the end of the day I have the confidence it takes to get what I want out of these colleges.

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The student news site of Aberdeen High School
For Seniors, College Choices Coming Quick