Blue and Gold

Letter from AHS’s Biggest Fan, Ms. Janice


March 16, 2016

In January, Aberdeen High School's long-time athletics bus driver, Ms. Janice, had much of her home and belongings destroyed in a devastating house fire in January. The school, and the Aberdeen community, rose to the occasion,...

AHS Participates in the 10 Day Film Challenge

Alicia Rae Brickey

March 14, 2016

Aberdeen High School’s drama three class is participating in the 10 Day Film Challenge. This challenge tests their skills in writing, acting, lighting, music, editing, directing, and other various skills. On day one of the...

Bettering Your Brows

Grace Mandel

March 10, 2016

Angles, arches, and attitude, the three things that make the perfect eyebrows. What’s the best way to wear your brows…. with some confidence. Whether your eyebrows are thick, thin, or bushy you can find your perfect shape....

Get Your Bun Poppin!

Grace Mandel

March 10, 2016

Messy and lazy, slicked and low, or sleeked down and poppin’, buns come in all different shapes and sizes and they’re here to stay. Buns are a way of life and a bad bun can ruin your morning, or even your day. If you’re...

2016 Boys Lacrosse Season Outlook

Raymond Rembold

March 4, 2016

“We’ve got a good group of newcomers and we’ve also got a few returning starters,” said head coach Patrick Mull. “Every game is important this year; we aren’t taking anyone lightly.” On March 15, 2016, Aberde...

Is Getting Up Early a Struggle?

Shania Bristlin

March 4, 2016

Most everyone struggles with getting up early in the morning, although there are ways to make getting up early easier. Setting a decent time to go to bed is place to start. Getting the right amount of sleep should be an important...

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