Would You Foster an Animal?


Alicia Rae Brickey


Have you considered fostering an animal from a local shelter? Animals can need to be removed from a shelter for multiple reasons including space, health, and home training.

Shelters are often overcrowded, and when they get too crowded shelters may begin to euthanize animals to make room. These are usually the older animals and the younger animals that are less suited to the lifestyle of a shelter. Taking the animals out saves their life and opens a space for more animals.

If an animal has a health issue or undergoes surgery they will require special attention that is not available with so many animals to look after. Having a foster owner that looks especially after them helps to ensure a healthy recovery.

There can be many reasons that an animal ends up at a shelter and their behavior is often one of them. Being in a cage all day can often inspire new bad habits to appear. By taking the animal out of the shelter for a while and reacquainting them with house life, training them to behave better, it gives them a better chance to stay in a home once they find one.

Harlan Jenkins explains, “I’ve actually always wanted to foster dogs; it gives them love and care when they need it most, and that’s so important for them while they wait to find a permanent home.”

When deciding to foster an animal, you have to be sure you have the time and space available, and that you will be able to give the animal up when the time comes.

These animals require attention, either with their health issues or being cramped for so long. If you work long hours and are going to leave them alone you have to ask if you will really be any benefit.

If you own animals of your own be sure that you have a space open in your home to bring them in. If you can only handle two, own one and leave one spot for your foster dog.

There will always be another animal that needs help. If you overwhelm yourself by taking in everyone you meet, you soon won’t be able to help anyone else.

“I feel fostering dogs is a great idea! There are dogs who get abused and feel unloved, and if you can take that dog in and show it love that would be amazing,” Mikenna Miller gives her thoughts.

While fostering the animal you are a very important part of their lives. You keep it safe, you train them, you help find them a home and a family that will be theirs forever.

You are responsible for giving the animal a safe and loving home, and the shelter or company you are working with will often take care of the health costs.

Everywhere you go through will not offer the same rules, so be sure to understand what they are responsible for and what you are responsible for. You will want to make sure that you agree with the rules in place and find the center right for you.

If your local shelter does not offer this, try and see if they are willing to set it up.

Also be sure to check into the laws regarding owning and fostering animals in your state and county.

Many animals’ lives are saved though fostering– what role can you play?