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AHS: What Do You Like and Dislike?

Isaiah Everett

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Here at AHS, there are many things to admire; however, there are also things to dislike. We asked several students what they like and dislike about coming to our school every day.

Student Daeja Canty said, “The library is nice.” As for dislikes, she said, “We need more time to get dressed after gym…and I’m mad that the chips are 50% less fat now.” Daeja is a very humorous individual.

AHS senior Chris Johnson said, “I like gym and lunch, but I don’t like the work and the population.” By ‘population,’ he said he means that there are too many people at our school.

Senior basketball player NyShaun Greene said, “I love breakfast and lunch, and math class with Ms. Adriano.” We share this class with her, and I agree that her class is exciting.

He also says that he doesn’t like people walking slow in the hallways…and that he doesn’t like freshman.

Senior KJ Lyons said, “I really like our guidance counselors, but I don’t like being able to use our phones.” However, I think that most students dislike not being able to use our phones.

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AHS: What Do You Like and Dislike?