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The Hallways of Aberdeen

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Have you ever felt like you were going to be crushed while trying to navigate through the crowded, rowdy hallways on your way to class? You’re not the only one.

Often times I find myself being pushed between other students and even the walls or lockers. Maybe it’s because I’m a pretty tiny girl, or maybe it’s because teenagers at this school don’t know how to behave in the halls.

I mean, of course it’s necessary to flail your arms around and scream to your friend so that other people end up stuck in the middle.

Or how about walking through the hallway in a line that allows for only one person, if that, to pass by?

My personal favorite would have to be stopping in the middle of the hallway to have an extremely important conversation with your squad that absolutely cannot wait until later.

Not to mention that when there’s a fight, everyone feels the need to yell, crowd around, and block the entire hallway not caring if they, or anyone around them is late to class.

Those are my favorite kinds of teenagers at Aberdeen.

When I asked Isadora Fink to describe her experience in the school hallways she said, “I get pushed into my own locker and people don’t care. My stuff gets thrown on the ground and people don’t care. I get shoved around and people don’t care.”

A recurring theme seems to be that people don’t think before they act, and don’t worry about the repercussions.

On the flip side, Diana Roesinger is one of the students that likes to enjoy her time in the hallway. When I asked her to describe her experiences, she laughed and told me she has learned that, “people don’t appreciate it when you dance in the hallways.”

Diana isn’t the type of person to ignorantly do this with the intention of making people mad and causing a disturbance; she just likes to goof off and have fun.

Not everyone may do this just to be disruptive, however it does inconvenience people that are just trying to mind their own business. People should be more aware of their surroundings because they could end up actually hurting someone.

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The Hallways of Aberdeen