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Contouring: A New Makeup Trend

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There’s a new trend going around that women and teens are catching onto fast, called “contouring.” Celebrities have used it for ages, and now it seems like everyone has become a fan of this style.

When you contour, you’re adding shadows to various parts of your face, and highlighting the high points. This little makeup trick seriously makes you look like you’re photo shopped, in person! A very well-known celebrity that has mastered contouring is the one and only, Kim Kardashian.

“I definitely saw a lot of people doing it lately, like on Instagram. It looks crazy good. I really wanted to try it, but I’m not that good at blending in the makeup professionally yet,” says Alyssa Plitt, freshman at Aberdeen High School.

Erin Tillery, senior at Aberdeen High, said, “I think it looks great, and if you want to try it, go for it. But sometimes, it’s a little too much makeup and people go over board and end up looking ‘cakey.’”

Overall, if contouring is something you want to try, then go purchase the makeup, and contour your heart away. It’s a great look, and can bring out the highlights and shadows on many girl’s face for enhanced beauty. Just don’t go overboard, and keep in mind that practice makes perfect!

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Contouring: A New Makeup Trend