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Be Safe, Be Proactive

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Flu and cold season is still underway, and if you experience either of these illnesses, chances are you’re going to have to miss school. The nurses have advice for all students: if you’re sick, take care of yourself!

If you do decide to come to school even if you know you’re sick, make sure to report to the nurse’s office if you feel overly ill. Some students are texting or calling their parents to ask them if they can leave school; this is not recommended. Instead, go to the nurse’s office so they can assess your health and either send you back to class or send you home.

The biggest priority here is you–this is aimed at seniors, especially. If you drive home when you’re extremely ill, you could be taking a dangerous and serious risk. Going to the nurse’s office to get checked out is the best idea!

There’s only one of you; you are not replaceable. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to stop by the nurse’s office!

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Be Safe, Be Proactive