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How It Feels To Be “The New Kid”

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It can be the worst feeling to be the “new kid” in school. The one nobody smiles at or high fives in the hallway, or the kid that sits alone at lunch because you haven’t made friends yet. Not to mention how embarrassing it feels to be the one left out when the instructor says to “get into groups”.

As a new kid, you sit by yourself. Senior Sierra Cuellar says, “The worst part is having to sit by yourself or having to awkwardly talk to someone in the cafeteria and everyone knows you’re new. They can tell, they even call you the “new girl” for a few weeks.”

Essentially, you learn to be completely independent. This is not because you want to be alone, but because you have to be.

Nobody seems to help you as much as they should. The school tour  is never sufficient enough for you to remember. Senior Jamie Cottrell speaks from experience when she says, “It’s scary, and you don’t know anyone. It’s like being a freshman again, but worse.”

It really is tough being the one that nobody knows anything about, the one with no history. Is it always a bad thing though? Starting over could be good for a lot of people.

These people, these fresh faces to you, don’t recall any embarrassing or unwanted experiences you may have gone through. You can start completely new.

Altogether, being the new kid is like starting over, and it can be the worst experience–until that someone says “Hello” and everything changes.

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How It Feels To Be “The New Kid”