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All Lives Matter

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As we all know, there has been a big conflict in our beautiful city of Baltimore. A young man by the name of Freddie Gray lost his life in the custody of Baltimore City police. At first, no one really knew the real reason for his death.

But, the State’s Attorney ended up giving the reason for death as a homicide–more specifically, a type of spinal injury.

Freddie Gray was arrested on April 27, 2015. What seemed like most of the city attended his funeral. And the day he was buried was a day Baltimore City will never forget. The city was in a complete riot. People were burning down stores, destroying police cars, and running through all types of stores stealing all the merchandise.

It was a complete mess. Honestly, I am embarrassed by the actions of our people. They gave Baltimore a bad name, just by their actions they have performed for the past couple days.

At first, these riots were supposed to be peaceful protesting. I guess people just got fed up, because nothing changed. I see both sides of the stories–where police brutality did leave someone dead, once again. But, rioting through the city isn’t going to bring Freddie Gray back.

I feel as though we should all come together and try to find peace in this whole situation and learn from it. Everyone just needs to find their peace of mind and everything will fall into place.

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All Lives Matter