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Open Auditions to be Held for Fall Play

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Attention: All students interested in participating in the play The Fabulous Fable Factory can participate in open auditions on the these dates:
  • Tuesday, September 17  from 5:00-8:00
  • Wednesday, September 18 from 2:10-3:30
Auditions will be held in the Black Box Theatre, room F108. All interested should come prepared to tell a story and read from the script. All are welcome–artists, actors, scholars , athletes, and dancers.
Here is a brief synopsis of the play, courtesy of Mr. Real:
Monroe wanders into a seemingly abandoned factory and accidentally trips a lever which activates the factory “machinery,” an assembly line of seven actors who create fabulous fables. Then he meets the factory owner, a Mr. Aloysius A. Aesop, who explains that the factory has been idle for over 2,000 years because of a missing part. Mr. Aesop introduces Monroe to the machinery. Among them are Straucy, the Story Starter; Pluto, the Plot Plotter; Wadsworth, the Word Worker; and Gretel, the Grammar Guardian. The factory proceeds to create and enact stories which become official fables when Monroe himself surprises everyone by supplying the morals. Mr. Aesop and the others are ecstatic over their new-found “Moral Maker.” The troupe then performs some of the best of Aesop’s fables.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can find Mr. Real in the Black Box Theater (F108) or you can contact him via email at .
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Open Auditions to be Held for Fall Play